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The Blue Moon Diamond goes up for auction at Sotheby’s Nov 11th


The 12-carat, Internally Flawless, Fancy, Vivid Blue Moon Diamond. Copyright: Cora International. Photo by Tino Hammid.

The Blue Moon diamond weighing 12.03 carats and described by experts as internally flawless could sell for a record $55 million (47 million euros) when it goes up for auction in November, Sotheby’s said Thursday.

The Blue Moon diamond, discovered in South Africa in January last year, will be exhibited in Hong Kong, London and New York before its likely purchase at auction in Geneva on November 11.

“The Blue Moon diamond is a simply sensational stone of perfect colour and purity,” David Bennett, who heads Sotheby’s international jewellery division, said in a statement.

He added that the immense hype which followed the stone’s discovery “has now been proven to have been totally justified.”

The Gemological Institute of America previously declared the Blue Moon to be “internally flawless”.  The Blue Moon Diamond has been categorized as an extremely significant find – andone of the newest and rarest stones currently worldwide – due to its unique color, clarity, and size. Cut from a 29.6-carat rough, the internally flawless gem is fashioned in a cushion-cut shape at a noteworthy 12 carats. Diamonds with a strong saturated color represent only a tiny percentage of all natural diamonds – and only a minute percentage of all natural color diamonds are blue, making the Blue Moon Diamond exceptional. The stone was found in the Cullinan mine, northeast of Pretoria, South Africa, which is known for discovering some of the most recognized blue and other color diamonds in the world.

Categorised as a fancy vivid blue diamond, the Blue Moon is the largest cushion-shaped stone in that category to ever appear at auction. Sotheby’s put its estimated sale price between $35-$55 million which, at the higher end, would mark a record for any diamond sale. In November 2010, a 24.78 carats pink diamond — known as the Graff Pink — sold in Geneva for just over $46 million. The record sale for a blue diamond so far came in November last year, when a 9.75 carats fetched $32.6 million at an auction in New York.


The Blue Moon Diamond during scientific testing at the Smithsonian Institution. The equipment behind the diamond is a phosphorescence spectrometer. Copyright: NHM. Photo by Eloïse Gaillou.



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Upcoming Natural Color Diamonds at Sothbey’s Magnificent Jewels Auction

The Monarch Blue Diamond by SothebysThe Monarch Blue Diamond Ring (Image: Sotheby’s)

Here are the key items to watch for in the colored diamonds niche:

  1. 6.06 carat Fancy Blue Diamond Ring
    The Monarch Blue Diamond by SothebysThe Monarch Blue Diamond (Image: Sotheby’s)

    The Monarch Blue Diamond is a rare and magnificent 6.06 carat pure fancy blue diamond with outstanding vvs2 clarity, cut as a modified oval and mounted onto a platinum ring. The diamond is GIA certified and the certificate is dated October 2014 – a new blue diamond. In the unusual ring’s design the blue diamond is flanked by 3 round pink diamonds in each side set in rose gold weighing another 0.85 carat total. The price estimation – $3,500,000 – $4,500,000. Meaning roughly $577k – $742k per carat.

  2. 6.24 carat Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring
    Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring, 6.24ct by Sotheby's6.24ct Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring (Image: Sotheby’s)

    Purplish pink diamonds are amongst the most sought after colored diamonds colors, and this specific gem is of the highest quality. Graded as Fancy purplish pink weighing over 6 carats with vvs2 clarity. The GIA has also determined it to be a Type IIa diamond. While the 6 carat blue diamond above was flanked in pink, this ring is the exact opposite – the pink diamond is flanked with two cushion cut blue sapphires weighing 4.8 carats. This amazing ring is estimated at $2,500,000 – $3,500,000

  3. 11.41 carat Internally Flawless Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring
    Flawless Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring 11.41ct by SothebysFlawless Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring 11.41ct (Image Sothebys)

    While the title says it all, a picture is worth a thousand words… Amazing pink diamond ring of an outstanding size.
    This diamond is truly an anomaly – 11.41 carat pink diamond which is internally flawless… no wonder it is estimated at $2 Million Dollars…

  4. 6.32 carat Fancy Brown Pink Diamond Ring
    This is a pink diamond with a secondary brown hue. It weighs above 6 carats and has very good vs2 clarity. While the above 6 carat pink is estimated at $2.5 Million, this one due to the brown hue is estimated $250,000. A huge difference due to the touch of brown! Another interesting point is that at the previous auction an 8.88 carat pink brown (brown with pink tone, not pink with brown tone) got a MUCH higher estimation…
  5. 6.83 carat Fancy Pink Brown Diamond Ring
    Cushion cut vs2 pink brown diamond estimated at $100k-$150k. The opposite of the brown pink above with half the price estimation.
  6. 0.84 carat Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond Ring
    This diamond is interesting because it is something that somehow can be told that is more common, a diamond one would find in stores and websites. Beautiful colored diamond graded as grayish blue with good vs2 clarity and its estimation is $70k-$90k – around $100,000 per carat.
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