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Chasing Rainbows – Color Diamonds continue to gain ground

By Deborah Yonick – MJSA Journal

R5553 Yellow Diamond Ring

Image courtesy of Gem Platinum

Thirty years ago you couldn’t give away a color diamond, especially yellows and browns, diamond dealers quip. Now, color diamonds represent the most exciting part of the diamond business. Not only are they more widely used in fashion jewelry, color diamonds are making inroads in bridal jewelry as well. Members of the Natural Color Diamond Association share their take on what’s happening in this increasingly important niche market.

Greater Awareness

“High flying auction results and media publicity surrounding celebrities receiving and showing off color diamonds has created a huge increase in the desire for these remarkable stones,” says Jeffrey Post of Gem Platinum in New York City.

Color diamonds were among the biggest sellers in jewelry auctions in 2014. Among the highest-priced jewels auctioned off were vivid blue diamonds, with the 9.75-carat Zoe Diamond selling for more than $32 million, setting a new world auction total price record for a blue diamond. Last year also saw many record-setting rare color sales, including an 8.41-carat flawless fancy vivid pink diamond, which fetched $17.7 million, and a 100.09-carat Graff vivid yellow diamond (the largest yellow cut precious stone in the world) that sold for $16.3 million. From the world’s top auction houses to Hollywood’s major red carpets, fancy color diamonds in dazzling jewels have been everywhere. “Definitely the end consumer has become much more aware and savvy of natural color diamonds,” says Pratima Sethi of Sethi Couture in San Francisco. “This makes it more exciting for designers to create pieces knowing that consumers are not just intrigued by color diamonds, but also are appreciative of them.”

Wider Audience


Image courtesy of Mondial Neuman

There’s been a shift in the natural color diamond market to appeal to a larger audience. “As the majority of designs incorporating pink and other natural color diamonds have been stylistically more arty, contemporary, or unusual, we’ve found that over the last five years more mainstream/everyday designs are incorporating natural color diamonds,” says Michael Neuman of Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier in Sydney, Australia. “This indicates a much wider audience has accepted color diamonds as an option.”

One area many dealers cite as a large source of color diamond growth in 2015 is bridal jewelry. An increase in color diamonds as an alternative to traditional white is appearing not just in engage- ment and wedding rings, but also in jewelry worn on the wedding day. “With consumers wanting true uniqueness, color diamonds offer that personalization,” says Sethi. “Younger clients especially appreciate the characteristics of color diamonds.”

However, to develop a niche in color diamonds, Sethi notes that it’s critical to offer various price points, and not just focus on larger statement pieces. “It’s important to note that color dia- mond jewelry can be affordable, which makes it even more inter- esting to capture a younger, newer buyer to the market, and grow them into more sophisticated color diamond jewelry.”

Dealers also expect to see customers ready to move beyond the regular fancy yellows and pinks, notes Harsh Maheshwari of Kunming Trading Co. in Hong Kong. “Brownish pinks, greenish yellows, yellowish oranges, are all items that will move this year,” he says. However, Post notes, as demand outstrips supply as more retailers enter the market segment and more consumers discover color diamonds, prices for natural color diamonds will continue to rise.

Personalization Rules

Diamonds exist in nature in almost every color. Natural color diamonds vary from the faintest shades of pastel pink, brown, or yellow to the most deep, vivid shades of blue, green, and orange, with colors such as red, purple, and black extremely rare. This range of available colors allows jewelers to easily personalize pieces for their customers.“The beauty of color diamonds is that all colors hold a unique and different appeal,” says Sethi. “From a designer’s perspective, I’ve found that someone seeking a more earthy organic style tends to favor the warm tones of champagne, cognac, golden yellow, and burnt orange. Someone seeking a more classic, traditional style and is well versed in white diamonds tends to lean in to color seeking intense yellows or canary diamonds. Someone with a more feminine and romantic aesthetic would favor pink diamonds.”


Image courtesy of Kunming Trading Co.

Color diamonds also lend themselves to individual detailing that has personalized meaning for clients. “We’ve incorporated green diamonds to represent Irish heritage for a client, blue diamonds for the birth of a boy, and pink diamonds for baby girls,” says Rohan Milne of Rohan Jewellery in Leederville, Australia.

And not only can this personalization trend help customers stand out with unique color diamond pieces, it also helps the jewelers who create them stand out. “The vast colors, shapes, and sizes have attracted a whole new clientele to my business and really helped my jewels stand apart from other designers,” says designer Kristin Hanson of New York City. “Natural color diamonds bring fine jewelry to life and add so much possibility for design compared to classic white diamond jewelry.”


Image courtesy of Kristin Hanson

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AGS Conclave 2015 – NCDIA offers education as an important tool for retailers working with Natural Color Diamonds

AGS Conclave 2015 was another spectacular event filled with education and networking among a group of inspiring professionals in the world of jewelry.

NCDIA was invited back to educate it’s AGS membership colleagues in the world of Natural Color Diamonds. Our seminar topics this year were introducing retailers to an overview of Pink Diamonds and How To Sell Natural Color Diamonds. It appears that Natural Color Diamonds have created a strong interest in the last several years, with color being seen on the red carpet, advertisements and offered as an alternative to colorless diamonds. Retailers are more and more eager to learn sales tips that can help their businesses develop Natural Color Diamonds into their inventory and to grow potential sales.Slide18
In the first seminar Thomas Gelb, NCDIA Educational Director co-hosted a special overview on Pink Diamonds with Jordan Fine, NCDIA President:

Historical References
Origin of Color
Argyle Diamonds
Type 1 vs Type 2 Pinks
Natural vs Treated, Synthetic and Gemstones

Natural Pink Diamonds are both affordable and valuable, it is important that we educate our sales teams to understand the differences in color ranges that Natural Color Diamonds come in.
What are some of the different price ranges that can be found in Pinks? In all Natural Color Diamonds, prices can vary, in the below chart you will find an example of pink diamond jewelry.
(Prices shown are an illustration of examples – Values subject to change)


Natural Color Diamonds have created a strong interest in the last several years, with color being seen on the red carpet, advertisements and offered as an alternative to colorless diamonds. NCDIA

Brownish Pinks… Light Brownish Pink, Intense Orangey Pink. Intense Pink Intense Purplish Pink…

NCDIA Newsletter - Pink

On our second day, NCDIA offered AGS retailers an opportunity to learn directly from NCDIA/AGS Retail Members who have participated in In-Store Color Diamond Events, carry Natural Color Diamonds in-store and why including color can benefit there overall business.


John Carter – Jack Lewis Jewelers
I joined NCDIA as a recommendation from a friend/current NCDIA retail member, she advised that getting involved in color diamonds can offer a new exciting alternative to my product inventory. By becoming a member, Jack Lewis Jewelers we were quickly introduced to education, sourcing and new vendors. The impact has allowed me to host in-store events yearly, gain new product inventory and just train our staff with confidence in these beauties. You can offer a nice range of colors in your store from 5-50k.


Judd Rottenberg – Long Jewelers
We noticed with our sales staff when bringing in something exotic, they can be fearful if they are not familiar with the product. However it is very important to train and inspire your sales team, so they can understand what type of product is being brought in and have the right tools to work with them. With NCD’s we are starting out with browns and yellows and will slowly include them into our everyday inventory.
Quick Tips –
  • Educate your staff
  • Commit to your product
  • Build excitement
We noticed that the affordable range has been selling with retailers recently, as John stated 5k to 50k ballpark with NCD’s has been working well. From a wholesalers perspective, it’s not just the million dollar stones that are being show in the news or auctions. If a retailer is looking to start with Browns, Yellows or Pinks.. the different color tones can allow a retailer to find a product for each of their needs and specific budget.

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