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NCDIA Seminar at JA New York

By: Michael Hakimian Senior Sales Manager, Almor Designs NCDIA Co-chair Marketing Committee

Michael Hakimian, Senior Manager, Fancy Color Diamond Division, Almor Design and co-chair of NCDIA’s Marketing Committee, gave a presentation at the JA Show on:

Natural Color Diamond Jewelry: An Affordable Solution to Low Margins

Michael prepared this summary of his presentation:

I had the honor of speaking about Natural Color Diamonds at the JA New York Summer Jewelry Show. The topic was “Natural Color Diamond Jewelry: An Affordable Solution to Low Margins.” After Barbara Wheat spoke about the benefits of joining NCDIA, I spoke about the main topic, along with advice on how jewelry retailers can get involved and grow their Natural Color Diamond business, also covered was some basics of Natural Color Diamond.

Currently, the jewelry industry is plagued with the problem of low margins, especially when it comes to white diamonds. There are many factors at play that can explain why there are such low margins in white diamonds. I decided to cover some of the most important ones, such as a pricing structure that is already in place to value them, the familiarity with white diamonds due to their wide use in the industry, diamond trading websites inside the trade and websites outside of the trade, and dumping by diamond dealers struggling for liquidity.

At the same time that the industry is struggling for margins in white diamonds, in the Natural Color Diamond business, there are high margins, customer excitement, and affordable selections.

There are a variety of reasons why there are higher margins in Natural Color Diamonds than in white diamonds. These include: No industry accepted pricing structure for natural color diamonds, Lack of market familiarity with Natural Color Diamond pricing and value, Rarity of Natural Color Diamonds (Supply), Customer Excitement that is powered by Hollywood Stars, Auctions, and heavy advertising by important jewelry companies (Demand), the One-of-a-kind feel of each Natural Color Diamond, and the Allure of Luxury that Natural Color Diamond jewelry provides. Together, these factors along with others, have laid a foundation for higher margins in Natural Color Diamonds than in white diamonds.

Though jewelry retailers are showing increased interest in Natural Color Diamond jewelry, some believe that affordability is a barrier to entry. Some of this is due to the record auction sales of Natural Color Diamonds, and extravagant celebrity color diamond purchases. However, there are jewelry manufacturers that only manufacture Natural Color Diamond jewelry or have large selections of Natural Color Diamond jewelry, and they do carry pieces at affordable price points.

NCDIA research indicates that the “Sweet Spot” for jewelry retailers is between the Retail Price of $2,500 and $50,000. Pictures of pieces from NCDIA Wholesale Members were shown at the affordable retail price points of $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000. The fact that there are affordable selections within the Natural Color Diamond Market, allows jewelry retailers to purchase a selection for their store without breaking their budget and lays a foundation for selling higher-end pieces in the future. Consequently, Natural Color Diamond jewelry is an affordable solution to low margins.

For retailers interested in getting started and/or growing their Natural Color Diamond business, some advice given was to join the NCDIA as a Retail Member which will help with education, advertising, and sourcing; educating yourself and your staff, promoting the Natural Color Diamond inventory constantly and in visible places, building a respectable inventory (Variety of Colors, Price Points, Sources), to do trunk shows, and to stress to employees to show the new Natural Color Diamond inventory to all the store’s customers.

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Big Winners of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2015

Every year the most highly respected diamontaires from around the world gather at the most exclusive diamond event in the world for a single opportunity to own the very best diamonds available with a market value like no other.

New York, NY – November 02, 2015 – In 1985, after successfully establishing the reputation as producer of the finest natural pink diamonds in the market, Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine launched the first world renowned Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. Throughout each year, Argyle collects anywhere from 40 ‐ 70 of the very best Argyle signature stones found. They offer these goods to no more than 200 representatives of the most reputable diamond companies in an invitation only diamond tender, held at secret global locations.

Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

Clearly understanding the potential each of these stones hold, the attendees are offered an allotted time to view the goods, and must submit a single bid on any of the diamonds they desire. Leibish & Co.’s Chief Diamond Buyer, Shmulik Polnauer, said “when companies like De Beers hold a Tender, only the very best lots are reserved and all the remaining stones are eventually divulged into selected parcels. However, the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender has yet to be left with even one single stone since they originally launched this annual event.”

Argyle Tender diamonds are sought after by the most avid diamond collectors and recognized for their incredible investment potential. With the heavy increase in prices paid and an appreciation in value of over 500% over the years, these valuable stones have been called the most concentrated form of wealth on earth. Josephine Johnson, Manager at Argyle Pink Diamonds, said “Tender diamonds are considered one in a million, as for every one million carats of rough diamonds, only one carat of polished is offered for sale at the tender.”
Argyle Tender Diamonds 2015
Bids for the 2015 Argyle Tender were closed at the end of the business day, Thursday October 21. It was early the next morning that Shmulik received the call congratulating him on the impressive win. In a strategic partnership between Leibish & Co. and Kunming Trading Co., 26 remarkable Argyle Pink Tender diamonds were secured. In addition, there were also 4 won from the Once in a Blue Moon Tender. “You need to fully understand the market prices and the value these stones possess. You have only a short time to assess each of the stones and all the pressure of competing against all the top diamond buyers that exist. Dealing with fancy color diamonds day in and day out, I know the trends, what’s hot and what people are after. I bid on behalf of some of our best clients, and also because I know how many others would kill to own just one of these magical stones,” said Polnauer.

When Polnauer was asked how he managed to win such a large percentage of the Tender diamonds, he said “to put it simply, I have to bid very high prices. The tricky part is understanding the stone’s potential. You see, the highest bid wins, so I need to adequately assess the market and not bid too high, in order to ensure my customers the confidence that they are buying the goods at an excellent price that will enable them to reap the benefits down the line.

The Argyle mine produces nearly 90% of the pink diamonds available in the market. However, the mine already publically announced in 2013 the up and coming closure, as production is rapidly depleting. In fact, just last week it was reported that Argyle Diamonds’ owner, Rio Tinto, is temporarily stopping the final processing of all gems. This business decision will cut its expected annual rate of production from 20 million to 18 million carats per year. We might see them pull through this remission, but the first stages of the mines closure is now here. Once the source has vanished, the value will only rise 10 fold as stones of this color just aren’t seen anywhere else. View the winning tender stones HERE

Leibish & Co. won two tender stones in 2014, seven tender stones in 2013, 17 tender stones in 2012, six tender stones in 2011, six tender stones in 2010, and one in 2009. For more information, please visit www.leibish.com.

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Join Alan Bronstein for a special seminar on the beauty and nature of Natural Color Diamonds!

Natural Color Diamonds - Image courtesy of Aurora Gems

*Image courtesy of Aurora Gems

Natures Diversity; Natural Color Diamonds Presented by Alan Bronstein (NCDIA VP) Sunday, August 9, 2015
7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

The popularity of color diamonds is a relatively recent phenomenon and like pieces of a rainbow frozen in time for eternity, they are hypnotic to the gaze.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bee captivated with the brilliance, fire and color as Alan shares the excitement of the Aurora Pyramid of Hope diamond collection. Alan will discuss the rich lore of color diamonds and provide a historical perspective to give us a valuable context for appreciating the rarity and value of the Aurora Pyramid of Hope.

Alan Bronstein is among the world’s most trusted advisors of colored diamonds to leading jewelers, fine jewelry designers, and private investors. Alan is the respected curator of the world’s most famous natural fancy colored diamond collections, the Aurora Pyramid of Hope and the Butterfly of Peace Collection. He lectures widely ranging from the United Nations to the New York University.

Location – Holiday Inn Rosslyn, 1900 Ft. Meyer Drive, Arlington, VA 22209, at the Virginia end of Key Bridge, 703-807-2000.

Admission is  $10.00 . Please visit the DC GIA Alumni website at www.dcgia.org. for more details.

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NCDIA presents – JCKopoly! Collect and win a Free Membership and Pink Diamond Necklace!

JCKopolyCollectAttending retailers for the upcoming JCK Las Vegas trade show will have an opportunity to earn a 1 year NCDIA Retail membership and Natural Pink Diamond Butterfly Pendant by participating in NCDIA’s JCKopoly!

The retailer who collects the most stickers in the correct position will win the grand prize! In order to earn a sticker, retailers will use the NCDIA JCKopoly board as a NCDIA exhibitor list. Not only can you earn a grand prize but you will have the opportunity to visit NCDIA members to develop new vendor relationships, and to source a beautiful array of Natural Color Diamond products!

The winner will be announced during the “Night of Color: Las Vegas” event on May 30, 2015 – 9pm at MiX Lounge – Delano Hotel.

Natural Pink Diamond Butterfly Pendant –
0.19cts, all pave set in 18kt pink gold and stationed on a 18kt white gold necklace, valued at $2000!

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with designers, wholesalers and manufacturers to learn about the latest news, trends and highlights in the world of Natural Color Diamonds!


NCDIA JCKopoly 2015



Retailers attending JCK must visit exhibiting NCDIA members/affiliates to earn 1 sticker. The retailer with the most stickers in the correct position will win the grand prize of a 1 year free Retail membership and a Natural Pink Butterfly Pendant!

Retailers must return the completed form to NCDIA booth L126 for entry. The first retailer to submit a completed board will win. If no one turns in a complete board, then the retailer with the most stickers will win. The winner will be announced during the “Night of Color: Las Vegas” event on May 30, 2015 – 9pm at MiX Lounge – Delano Hotel.

In order to earn a sticker, retailers will use the NCDIA JCKopoly board as a NCDIA exhibitor list. Not only can you earn a grand prize but you will have the opportunity to visit NCDIA members to develop new vendor relationships, and to source a beautiful array of Natural Color Diamond products!

Pink Diamond Butterfly Necklace: Contains Natural Pink Diamonds with a total weight of 0.19cts, all pave set in 18kt pink gold and stationed on an 18kt white gold necklace, valued at $2000!

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