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NCDIA Las Vegas Reception: Crazy About Color

We offer a huge thank you to our sponsors for the Crazy About Color reception in Las Vegas.

Nilesh Sheth, president of Nice Diamond, donated a 0.54 carat natural color brown diamond valued at $2,000 for the champagne toast.

The winner of the champagne diamond toast was Kanae Fukuhara. She is in the process of creating her first line of jewelry and the diamond she won will be part of that new line. The piece she designs will then be donated to the NCDIA.

From left Kalpesh; Nilesh Sheth, Nice Diamond; Greg Neely, Greg Neeley Design; Kanae Fukuhara, winner of the champagne diamond toast; and Samir, also from Nice Diamond.

From left Kalpesh; Nilesh Sheth, Nice Diamond; Greg Neely, Greg Neeley Design; Kanae Fukuhara, winner of the champagne diamond toast; and Samir, also from Nice Diamond.


tom gelb las vegas

Tom Gelb, member of NCDIA’s Education Committee, was on hand with a diamond tester donated for the occasion by Kassoy. Kanae Fukuhara, on the right, just got the good news that she was the winner of the champagne toast.


Thank you to all of our reception sponsors:


Nice Diamond – Premier Sponsor

Brinks Global Services

Grandeur International

IGS Creative


Julius Klein Group

System Eickhorst


Kanae is a native born Japanese from Osaka, Japan. She has many accomplishments including working on a team with Panasonic Corp. marketing and training for the Technics musical instrument division. Kanae was on a team that traveled worldwide organizing world music festivals for Technics. She also demonstrated and instructed piano and other keyboard instruments and electric organ. She is an accomplished pianist. Kanae also directed the design and production for Technics and Panasonic catalogs.

In 2007 Kanae began to pursue stone sculpture and began attending a sculpture symposium in Marble, Colorado each summer. Kanae attended 8 consecutive symposium sculpting marble on the old Marble mill site. This high mountain mill is where most of the marble for the Lincoln Memorial was quarried and milled. It is now abandoned for almost 100 years. Madeline Weiner, a highly regarded Colorado marble sculptor organized a symposium in the mountains almost 30 years ago. This symposium now has over 50 attendees at most sessions, all sculpting, learning, teaching, and camping out together at 8000 feet altitude.

In 2014 Greg Neeley attended his first symposium at Marble. There Kanae and Greg met. They began to communicate via Skype and email and developed a very close, loving relationship. In 2015 they moved to Austin Texas where they were married. The couple has side by side studios in south, downtown Austin where we both design jewelry and sculpt. Kanae is presently in the process of creating her first line of jewelry and the diamond she won will be part of that new line. It will then be donated to the NCDIA.

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May 30, 2015 – Las Vegas. With over 300+ guests in attendance from  retailers, wholesalers, designers and affiliates, NCDIA’s Night of Color: Las Vegas 2015 was hosted at MiX Lounge in the Delano Hotel.  Natural Color Diamonds are the most exciting category in the industry today and our guests were excited to share the stories behind vast array of colors available today.

“An evening where the industry comes alive more than ever” – Kunming Trading Co. (Hong Kong)

At this years’ “Night of Color” event, attendees had a great opportunity to connect and discuss current trends, issues and marketing strategies with their colleagues in the industry in a casual atmosphere. We had a great turnout and announced a special Champagne Diamond Toast – during this toast one guest was able to win a Natural Champagne Diamond, guests were lining up to visit NCDIA Educational Director Thomas Gelb to see if they had a Natural or CZ stone. Nice Diamonds was proud to have partnered with NCDIA to sponsor this event.



Champagne Diamond Toast sponsored by Nice Diamonds – Nadav Gurevitch (centered) of Novel Collection with Nilesh and Kalpesh Sheth of Nice Diamonds. Nadav was the lucky winner of the 1ct Natural Champagne Diamond!

People come to Las Vegas not just for buying and selling, they come there for educational seminars, networking and mainly to update themselves and their staff about the current trends. – Nice Diamonds (USA)

Our goal at NCDIA is to increase awareness of color diamonds at retail and consumer level through education. Additionally, NCDIA provides its members with marketing and educational tools to increase their business and improve their bottom-line. NCDIA would like to thank it’s sponsors Brinks Global, Kassoy, Nice Diamonds a & J.Fine, Inc.


NCDIA was proud to announce it’s brand new Educational Course program, this course will be both online and in person. This course will cover both the market and technical fields of Natural Color Diamonds, we encourage our industry to educate themselves in the world of natural color diamonds and to share your knowledge with your staff and customers stated Gino Di Geso, NCDIA Director

“An amazing night filled with ideas and fellowship. If you are in the Natural Color Diamond business, this is an event not to be missed.” – Denney Jewelers (USA)

“NCDIA’s cocktail event in Las Vegas is lots of fun and a great way to meet and greet old friends and new people too! Mark this in your calendar for next year as the event gets bigger and better!” – Solomon’s Jewelers (USA)

“When you look into the dazzling facets of a color diamond, you become spellbound. It is hard to look away. Each one tells a unique story of a profound transformation of enormous energy and of endless time, NCDIA offers the much needed educational information that can assist the industry to learn more about these beautiful diamonds” – Hartmann’s (Denmark)



Thank you to our sponsor Brinks Global!

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NCDIA – JCK Recap – How to Maximize your business with Natural Color Diamonds!

May 29, 2015 – Las Vegas  JCK –
 SeminarPanel - JCKHeadShots
NCDIA was invited back to host a special panel seminar in part of the all new JCK Talks segment during JCK Las Vegas. NCDIA is a non-profit, membership-based organization with multi-national members including mining companies, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers. The NCDIA’s mission to train, enlighten and educate the global community about natural color diamonds.
This expert panel included:
  • Thomas Gelb – NCDIA
  • Jordan Fine – JFine, Inc.
  • Sean Moore – Borsheims
  • Pratima Sethi – Sethi Couture
  • Jim Pounds – Dominion Diamonds
  • Rob Bates – JCK (Moderator)


Below you will find a few excerpts from our panel seminar, the full video will be available in August via JCK.com

Rob Bates – As a retailer, How do you source them? 

Sean Moore: As a retailer it is important to develop relationships with vendors who carry Natural Color Diamonds, some buyers don’t understand the importance in sourcing color. It took me about 5-6 years to learn who the players were, who owns what products and which of them were treating me fair.

Rob Bates – As a designer, what have you learn from the customers?

Pratima Sethi: What i find fascinating is the educational factor for consumers and how long it has taken them to understand color. 5-6 years ago customers were just intrigued and weren’t aware of the vast color shades available. Today consumers are becoming more sophisticated, it’s all about design and personalization when it comes to purchasing these diamonds.

Rob Bates – Are customers asking about certain colors?

Jordan Fine: There is a growing interest in natural color diamonds at the consumer level. For example it comes down to what is in the retail store, in the last 10 – 15 years consumers have seen yellow and browns at NCDIA’s retail stores. Consumers are on to color and retailers are starting to pick up on this by introducing new colors such as Pinks, Blues, Orange etc.

Rob Bates – Is there certain customers that look for color, who is buying them?

Pratima Sethi: It’s not necessarily a rich person, and that is what makes color diamonds great is that there is this range of price from affordable to valuable. And as a designer who works with Natural Color Diamonds, we need to break that notion that this product is not just for the wealthy but for everyone. They are beautiful, unique and obtainable to buy.  You can attract a person early on with champagnes and build that business over time to go into yellow, pinks etc.

Sean Moore: The majority of the colors that we carry are brown, yellow and black, and customers who don’t want to spend the money on white diamonds can pick up a champagne diamond that can be more beautiful and affordable.

Rob Bates – How do you price the more rarer color diamonds?

Tom Gelb: There is no methodology to determine what color is, the grading system is quite complex. We can at least guide them to what direction.

Jordan Fine: Obviously for a color stone, i would pay more for a stone that is Vivid rather than a stone that is Fancy. Certain flavors have the WOW factor and it’s all about taste.

Pratima Sethi: There is ways of of taking advantage of the demand in color. Color diamonds are similar to art, with the large color palette.

Sean Moore:  Some retailers look towards the auctions houses as a starting point for pricing and while that information is very valuable, i do encourage you to find the right vendors to work so you can find the best price. Your ability to get the goods is a big factor in pricing. There is an increased growth in interest from the consumer level . When customers hear a price of a blue, it’s very hard to market something that is not affordable to general public.

Rob Bates: Has the investment market in particular changed?

Jordan Fine: NCDIA does not endorsed investments as none of us can tell the price and future growth. However some stones have appreciated in value. In terms of investment, there is some issues to tackle.

Sean Moore:  For us, investments are not for us.. We don’t endorse Natural Color Diamonds as an investment however we do show customers the growth when customers do ask us about this.

Rob Bates:  There use to be a stigma against browns, do you still see this? And what about Yellow?

Jim Pounds: Fancy browns exudes warmth and they are very much in demand and yellows in there full range have developed to the retail level, they are just stunning. I don’t see any stigma against yellows.

Rob Bates: Lets talk about supply? Who will fill the gap with Pink once the supply of Argyle is complete. 

Jim Pounds: From the Dominion Diamond Group, we don’t see any significant growth in production of Pink Diamonds, a few more yellows but it is a challenge to maintain supply. Argyle from what we know could extend to 2020 and beyond however with the economics it’s really the direction that Rio Tinto wants to take

Rob Bates: Lets talk about synthetics and new treatments. 

Tom Gelb: The push from what i have seen has always been with white goods. With treatments it use to be people in their garages, however it’s a bit more complex now as “scientists” have been getting involved. But the ultimate goal for these guys are white goods.



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NCDIA presents – JCKopoly! Collect and win a Free Membership and Pink Diamond Necklace!

JCKopolyCollectAttending retailers for the upcoming JCK Las Vegas trade show will have an opportunity to earn a 1 year NCDIA Retail membership and Natural Pink Diamond Butterfly Pendant by participating in NCDIA’s JCKopoly!

The retailer who collects the most stickers in the correct position will win the grand prize! In order to earn a sticker, retailers will use the NCDIA JCKopoly board as a NCDIA exhibitor list. Not only can you earn a grand prize but you will have the opportunity to visit NCDIA members to develop new vendor relationships, and to source a beautiful array of Natural Color Diamond products!

The winner will be announced during the “Night of Color: Las Vegas” event on May 30, 2015 – 9pm at MiX Lounge – Delano Hotel.

Natural Pink Diamond Butterfly Pendant –
0.19cts, all pave set in 18kt pink gold and stationed on a 18kt white gold necklace, valued at $2000!

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with designers, wholesalers and manufacturers to learn about the latest news, trends and highlights in the world of Natural Color Diamonds!


NCDIA JCKopoly 2015



Retailers attending JCK must visit exhibiting NCDIA members/affiliates to earn 1 sticker. The retailer with the most stickers in the correct position will win the grand prize of a 1 year free Retail membership and a Natural Pink Butterfly Pendant!

Retailers must return the completed form to NCDIA booth L126 for entry. The first retailer to submit a completed board will win. If no one turns in a complete board, then the retailer with the most stickers will win. The winner will be announced during the “Night of Color: Las Vegas” event on May 30, 2015 – 9pm at MiX Lounge – Delano Hotel.

In order to earn a sticker, retailers will use the NCDIA JCKopoly board as a NCDIA exhibitor list. Not only can you earn a grand prize but you will have the opportunity to visit NCDIA members to develop new vendor relationships, and to source a beautiful array of Natural Color Diamond products!

Pink Diamond Butterfly Necklace: Contains Natural Pink Diamonds with a total weight of 0.19cts, all pave set in 18kt pink gold and stationed on an 18kt white gold necklace, valued at $2000!

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