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Diamonds Tell A Woman She’s Worth It — That’s What We Should Sell

diamond-is-foreverBy Ayalla Joseph (Article by GEMKonnect)

Many years ago, when I was ‘on the road’, selling loose diamonds to some of the finest retail stores in the US, I came to the realisation that it did not matter how well designed the store was or how well lit the showcases were — if the sales staff didn’t understand what they were selling, they couldn’t do it with confidence.

So, together with a work colleague who was not only particularly persuasive but a natural-born showman, we devised sales training seminars aimed at educating and motivating staff.  Sales of our diamonds grew.  At the time, we were quite revolutionary in our approach. Today it’s a given that brands train staff to sell their product. So why am I telling you this? Because our introduction was to emphasise how rare diamonds are, to talk of their history and romantic powers.

Today I look back and ask myself, how I could call a diamond rare? There are hundreds of thousands of jewellery stores worldwide.  In every mall, there are a few stores exhibiting tens, sometimes hundreds, of diamond jewellery items in the window, often with slashed prices, aimed at catching the consumer’s eye……

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De Beers Introduces New Marketing Campaign to Spur Consumer Demand for Diamond Jewelry

yellow_groupDe Beers has announced a holiday marketing campaign to increase consumer demand for diamond jewelry. 

The campaign, which is described in a release as a “call to action” advertising campaign, will target men purchasing diamond jewelry for their partners. It will feature “classic diamond products”—including diamond solitaire rings and necklaces, three-stone rings, stud earrings, and diamond bands—alongside attention-grabbing text to intended to “create a sense of urgency.”

A mock-up provided to JCK, with the caveat that it is not final, features the tagline It wouldn’t be Christmas without the ornaments, accompanied by an image of diamond studs.

The ads will run in the United States and China and “will employ a combination of marketing approaches, including a new focus on digital channels.” The campaign will debut in late November, around Thanksgiving, and run through Christmas.

“We are delighted to add these new initiatives to our existing Forevermark activities over the holiday season,” said Philippe Mellier, De Beers Group CEO. “This will help to stimulate downstream demand for polished diamonds and create renewed momentum in the diamond sector at a crucial point in the year.”

This is the second major campaign that De Beers has introduced this year. The company 
announced in May that it was bringing back the popular “A Diamond Is Forever” slogan in its Forevermark advertising.

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