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AGS Conclave 2015 – NCDIA offers education as an important tool for retailers working with Natural Color Diamonds

AGS Conclave 2015 was another spectacular event filled with education and networking among a group of inspiring professionals in the world of jewelry.

NCDIA was invited back to educate it’s AGS membership colleagues in the world of Natural Color Diamonds. Our seminar topics this year were introducing retailers to an overview of Pink Diamonds and How To Sell Natural Color Diamonds. It appears that Natural Color Diamonds have created a strong interest in the last several years, with color being seen on the red carpet, advertisements and offered as an alternative to colorless diamonds. Retailers are more and more eager to learn sales tips that can help their businesses develop Natural Color Diamonds into their inventory and to grow potential sales.Slide18
In the first seminar Thomas Gelb, NCDIA Educational Director co-hosted a special overview on Pink Diamonds with Jordan Fine, NCDIA President:

Historical References
Origin of Color
Argyle Diamonds
Type 1 vs Type 2 Pinks
Natural vs Treated, Synthetic and Gemstones

Natural Pink Diamonds are both affordable and valuable, it is important that we educate our sales teams to understand the differences in color ranges that Natural Color Diamonds come in.
What are some of the different price ranges that can be found in Pinks? In all Natural Color Diamonds, prices can vary, in the below chart you will find an example of pink diamond jewelry.
(Prices shown are an illustration of examples – Values subject to change)


Natural Color Diamonds have created a strong interest in the last several years, with color being seen on the red carpet, advertisements and offered as an alternative to colorless diamonds. NCDIA

Brownish Pinks… Light Brownish Pink, Intense Orangey Pink. Intense Pink Intense Purplish Pink…

NCDIA Newsletter - Pink

On our second day, NCDIA offered AGS retailers an opportunity to learn directly from NCDIA/AGS Retail Members who have participated in In-Store Color Diamond Events, carry Natural Color Diamonds in-store and why including color can benefit there overall business.


John Carter – Jack Lewis Jewelers
I joined NCDIA as a recommendation from a friend/current NCDIA retail member, she advised that getting involved in color diamonds can offer a new exciting alternative to my product inventory. By becoming a member, Jack Lewis Jewelers we were quickly introduced to education, sourcing and new vendors. The impact has allowed me to host in-store events yearly, gain new product inventory and just train our staff with confidence in these beauties. You can offer a nice range of colors in your store from 5-50k.


Judd Rottenberg – Long Jewelers
We noticed with our sales staff when bringing in something exotic, they can be fearful if they are not familiar with the product. However it is very important to train and inspire your sales team, so they can understand what type of product is being brought in and have the right tools to work with them. With NCD’s we are starting out with browns and yellows and will slowly include them into our everyday inventory.
Quick Tips –
  • Educate your staff
  • Commit to your product
  • Build excitement
We noticed that the affordable range has been selling with retailers recently, as John stated 5k to 50k ballpark with NCD’s has been working well. From a wholesalers perspective, it’s not just the million dollar stones that are being show in the news or auctions. If a retailer is looking to start with Browns, Yellows or Pinks.. the different color tones can allow a retailer to find a product for each of their needs and specific budget.

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Upcoming Natural Color Diamonds at Sothbey’s Magnificent Jewels Auction

The Monarch Blue Diamond by SothebysThe Monarch Blue Diamond Ring (Image: Sotheby’s)

Here are the key items to watch for in the colored diamonds niche:

  1. 6.06 carat Fancy Blue Diamond Ring
    The Monarch Blue Diamond by SothebysThe Monarch Blue Diamond (Image: Sotheby’s)

    The Monarch Blue Diamond is a rare and magnificent 6.06 carat pure fancy blue diamond with outstanding vvs2 clarity, cut as a modified oval and mounted onto a platinum ring. The diamond is GIA certified and the certificate is dated October 2014 – a new blue diamond. In the unusual ring’s design the blue diamond is flanked by 3 round pink diamonds in each side set in rose gold weighing another 0.85 carat total. The price estimation – $3,500,000 – $4,500,000. Meaning roughly $577k – $742k per carat.

  2. 6.24 carat Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring
    Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring, 6.24ct by Sotheby's6.24ct Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring (Image: Sotheby’s)

    Purplish pink diamonds are amongst the most sought after colored diamonds colors, and this specific gem is of the highest quality. Graded as Fancy purplish pink weighing over 6 carats with vvs2 clarity. The GIA has also determined it to be a Type IIa diamond. While the 6 carat blue diamond above was flanked in pink, this ring is the exact opposite – the pink diamond is flanked with two cushion cut blue sapphires weighing 4.8 carats. This amazing ring is estimated at $2,500,000 – $3,500,000

  3. 11.41 carat Internally Flawless Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring
    Flawless Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring 11.41ct by SothebysFlawless Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring 11.41ct (Image Sothebys)

    While the title says it all, a picture is worth a thousand words… Amazing pink diamond ring of an outstanding size.
    This diamond is truly an anomaly – 11.41 carat pink diamond which is internally flawless… no wonder it is estimated at $2 Million Dollars…

  4. 6.32 carat Fancy Brown Pink Diamond Ring
    This is a pink diamond with a secondary brown hue. It weighs above 6 carats and has very good vs2 clarity. While the above 6 carat pink is estimated at $2.5 Million, this one due to the brown hue is estimated $250,000. A huge difference due to the touch of brown! Another interesting point is that at the previous auction an 8.88 carat pink brown (brown with pink tone, not pink with brown tone) got a MUCH higher estimation…
  5. 6.83 carat Fancy Pink Brown Diamond Ring
    Cushion cut vs2 pink brown diamond estimated at $100k-$150k. The opposite of the brown pink above with half the price estimation.
  6. 0.84 carat Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond Ring
    This diamond is interesting because it is something that somehow can be told that is more common, a diamond one would find in stores and websites. Beautiful colored diamond graded as grayish blue with good vs2 clarity and its estimation is $70k-$90k – around $100,000 per carat.
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