NCDIA is a non-profit, membership-based organization with multi-national members including mining companies, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers. The NCDIA’s mission to train, enlighten and educate the global community about natural color diamonds. Founded in 2003, NCDIA conducts dozens of programs each year ̶ from in stores to online programs. These programs bring us one step closer to fulfilling our mission.  Today, NCDIA is expertly positioned to serve as an educational authority for natural color diamonds and to help expand the market for the broad spectrum of natural color diamonds available. .

NCDIA believes that consumers should fall in love with natural color diamonds because of their beauty, not their ability to appreciate in value over time. Although there certainly is a history of appreciation for natural color diamond values, in no way does NCDIA endorse purchasing natural color diamonds as an investment, support the promotion of color diamonds as an investment and does not support the concept that all colored diamonds should be considered an investment. We recommend if you see an NCDIA member logo listed on any website or advertisement to please feel free to call and verify membership with NCDIA.

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