diamond-is-foreverBy Ayalla Joseph (Article by GEMKonnect)

Many years ago, when I was ‘on the road’, selling loose diamonds to some of the finest retail stores in the US, I came to the realisation that it did not matter how well designed the store was or how well lit the showcases were — if the sales staff didn’t understand what they were selling, they couldn’t do it with confidence.

So, together with a work colleague who was not only particularly persuasive but a natural-born showman, we devised sales training seminars aimed at educating and motivating staff.  Sales of our diamonds grew.  At the time, we were quite revolutionary in our approach. Today it’s a given that brands train staff to sell their product. So why am I telling you this? Because our introduction was to emphasise how rare diamonds are, to talk of their history and romantic powers.

Today I look back and ask myself, how I could call a diamond rare? There are hundreds of thousands of jewellery stores worldwide.  In every mall, there are a few stores exhibiting tens, sometimes hundreds, of diamond jewellery items in the window, often with slashed prices, aimed at catching the consumer’s eye……

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