Natural Color Diamonds - Image courtesy of Aurora Gems

*Image courtesy of Aurora Gems

Natures Diversity; Natural Color Diamonds Presented by Alan Bronstein (NCDIA VP) Sunday, August 9, 2015
7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

The popularity of color diamonds is a relatively recent phenomenon and like pieces of a rainbow frozen in time for eternity, they are hypnotic to the gaze.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bee captivated with the brilliance, fire and color as Alan shares the excitement of the Aurora Pyramid of Hope diamond collection. Alan will discuss the rich lore of color diamonds and provide a historical perspective to give us a valuable context for appreciating the rarity and value of the Aurora Pyramid of Hope.

Alan Bronstein is among the world’s most trusted advisors of colored diamonds to leading jewelers, fine jewelry designers, and private investors. Alan is the respected curator of the world’s most famous natural fancy colored diamond collections, the Aurora Pyramid of Hope and the Butterfly of Peace Collection. He lectures widely ranging from the United Nations to the New York University.

Location – Holiday Inn Rosslyn, 1900 Ft. Meyer Drive, Arlington, VA 22209, at the Virginia end of Key Bridge, 703-807-2000.

Admission is  $10.00 . Please visit the DC GIA Alumni website at for more details.

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